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This poem has been published in Best Poets of 2015: Volume 6


And the Results Are…


A woman sits across from me so pale,

Halo shattered overhead, angels surround.

Her legs shake shamelessly for bail,

As she remembers all the “in bed” hounds.


I can’t adjust my eyes from her face,

The mist of fear that pours down in depth.

She staggers back and forth at an awkward pace,

Truth from her eyes spelled the secret use of METH.


Ringtone from a cell interrupted a thought,

So reading material became a must.

Including time desperately needed to be bought,

To restart a life facing the end, tainted from lust.


Paperwork is clutched in the hand,

Ready to deliver.

Nerves calm, steady walk, both hands a mere amputation.

A patient bypasses with a spine-tingling shiver.


Sight of sorrow in life and love faced today

When I had to declare to my patient,

“Unfortunately, you’ve tested positive for AIDS.”


This poem was picked as 1 out of 20 honorable poems for Eber and Wein Best Poems of 2017




You were welcomed when I needed you,

You were there when I needed you.


You entered my life unexpected,

Took you under my wings, helpless.

Now, so much is affected;

It’s my fault for being reckless.


We both spun out of control,

But I’m to blame, that’s for sure.

All of my assets now on hold.

I wish this disease had a cure.


Trying to keep up with the next,

Caused my credit to get vexed

This deadly sin I despise,

Even though it easily caught my eyes.

The Candy Jar - Kai Lyn